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Nonsense on Stilts

Because here, we spell 'colour' with a u

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freak out, far out, in out
28 August 1989
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Cully, 20-something, cis lady, she/her pronouns

Weirdo queer feminist, barefooted hobbit-person, prodigious ginger, predisposed towards fannishness and literary criticism, writer of many things. Find me on Tumblr at Culumacilinte

Some words I like:

Dwimmerlaik, maharaja, otter, poseur, fender, savvy, spackle, resonant, surreptitious, westering, djembe, trees, sibilant, pluffy, imbecile, shenanigans, indubitably, ersatz, evanescence, Yorkshire, poltroon, pheonix, willowy, bollocks, delphinium, bagpipes, tigress, Wiccan, dauntless, Glaswegian, piratical, whither, incognito, muse, riotous, torrential, glacial, superfluous, muesli, beatnik, buttons, pansy, malingerer, sesquipedalian, freebooter, apathetic, whereas, hitherto, Dickensian, foppish.

Bisexuality is Real.

'I read you in my bed; I read 'till my eyelids were unkind.'
~Sue and the Unicorn

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Norrington is love in a wig.

The League Of Gentlemen are <3

Oscar is the god of Love
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